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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6pm  CBS  November 11, 2014 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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by chico who were much happier to see this group than the crowd in russia who put the brakes on their trip. >> all of a sudden these people would slide in to the back of the room. officials were talking to the director of the program. >> reporter: representing the california association of the student council. a non-profit designed to inspire and cultivate youth leadership. instead of a week of meetings, they were detained and interrogated for seven hours. >> they fingerprinted us right next to the jail cells, so it was super dark and dreary. >> reporter: then they were put on trial and represented by lawyers who don't speak english. their translator was a friend of the friend of the prosecutor. >> because we were tried in four different cases, we could have been innocent, innocent, innocent, guilty. so we could have had four different verdicts, so it was
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something that really got my heart pounding. >> reporter: what saved them was a world renown scientist and sister of a program who testified on the group's behalf. >> and it took my breath away. to realize the large scale of this. >> reporter: looking rested and happy, they discussed their bizarre encounter with the officials and seemingly confused themselves about what was going on. they reassured the americans that it would be okay. >> at no moment did i think oh my gosh. >> reporter: they were fined $100 for apparently not having passports and told that they could leave the country, they came home immediately to the united states. ken, i asked each and every one of them would you go back to russia and they say that they would after time passes. >> a little rest in between. ann notarangelo at the airport, thank you. >> the group says they have been to china, pakistan, other countries, never having a problem like this.
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they still have not gotten any real answers about why they were detained. new at 6:00, a woman who stood up to her local store is claiming victory. her district was about to hand a $10,000 raise to a superintendent. that is until she spoke out just before the vote. linda yee on what happened next. >> reporter: an ordinary vote on an ordinary school board agenda, except it wasn't and board members at the high school district got a fight. >> and i know that it's the result. >> reporter: that is the attorney and mother of the student, accusing the board of violating the brown act. requiring the public access and discussion before the vote is taken. but they approved a 7% pay raise over two years for their
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school's superintendent, bringing her salary up by 2016. she told off the board. >> reporter: and instructed them to ask their attorney. >> that has to be voted on out in the open. >> reporter: what happened at the meeting was the final straw, frustrated with the actions, like steam rolling the new high-tech teaching program and firing without the cause that they claimed that the teachers who would question them. about such decisions. >> reporter: one made themselves available for the comment, but the superintendent issued a statement to kpix5, claiming that parents and the accusations that they broke the
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law are without merit, that this is corrupted within the same board meeting and was not a brown act violation or violation of the law in any manner. they insist that there were errors that were corrected. but parents wonder how many other errors were made before finally being caught in that last meeting. >> because of the errors, the board has postponed the votes for a later meeting, so the public could make comments. well for the first time we are hearing from the 49ers defensive end since being accused of domestic violence. liz best cook has more on mcdonald breaking their silence. >> they announced yesterday that there would not be charges against mcdonald because of the lack of evidence as he says that it was the right decision, thanking the team for standing by him. >> for my team to stand next to
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me, you know, that my teammates, my friends, teammates, i appreciate them for letting me do that. >> reporter: and he was arrested on suspicion of domestic violence on august 31 after police were called to the san jose home, finding marks on his fiance who was 10 weeks pregnant at the time. >> the truth? i don't know, i didn't do anything that i'm not suppose to be the kind of guy that would put my hands on a woman like that. >> he does respect women and knew that the truth would come out. as far as relationships, he is still with his fiance that they will continue to work on their
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relationships. ken? >> liz cook in our newsroom, thank you. a player returning to the team in good standings. the linebacker aldon smith practicing for the first time today after a nine-game suspension for violating substance abuse policies. dennis o'donnell will have more on smith's story coming up a little later in sports. police shot and killed a suspected burglar after allegedly pulling a gun on them, the man took off running after officers caught him in the middle of the break in on willow place. one officer tried to use a taser to stop him, but did not work. >> at this time it's unconfirmed whether the suspect fired his weapon. >> that is when officers shot him. the suspect died at the scene, his name has not been released. one officer was hurt during the foot pursuit, but expected to
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be okay. don ford tells us that most of the victims are either current or former richmond high school students. >> and this is like living in iraq somewhere. and this is a real drawn-out war. >> in the last week we have had a very large increase in shootings involving young people in richmond. >> reporter: it started last tuesday with fourteen agers wounded. finally one killed and saturday another teenager was shot. >> so we have six 15-year-olds shot in our area in the last five days. >> five of the victims would go to richmond high school. they will work with the grief counselors. >> reporter: investigators are trying to sort all of this out. everyone is on alert tomorrow. >> if it is gang related, it might be more problematic and retribution, revenge, retaliation. we hope it doesn't happen.
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>> reporter: yesterday they told us that the 16-year-old was in the wrong place at the wrong time. the star basketball player that his teammates will miss. >> never give up. that they would give you everything that they had on them. >> reporter: crime has been going down for several years, becoming a safer place to live. but even with this recent surge of shootings, some folks still have hope. >> you could talk it out, be a community as one. >> reporter: there have been no arrests. a new mayor, but tonight it is still unclear how large the police department will inherit. he won a victory over the police union's choice. they've predicted the exit. if they don't do something
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about their reform efforts. >> nothing has changed. the police officers are still going to leave until we are competitive here, until there is a safety net for officers, knowing that they will get taken care of as they will continue to resign. and return. >> reporter: so far this year about 60 police officers have filed for retirement. another 14 have requested transfers. they have been swept up in a statewide sting. investigators with the state licensing board posed as homeowners, soliciting bids in the cities, including the counts. they say that the total of 112 unlicensed contractors responded. all now facing a misdemeanor charge contracting without a license. still ahead a young boy rescued after a 200-foot fall off the cliff. >> not an easy job, the challenges they had to get past
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to save that child. telling their stories on their bodies. how ink is helping these heros cool. nobody hit 70 degrees, first time in a long time that it has happened. the cloud cover is rolling in with rain that is not far behind. wait until you see how much rain there is in the seven day. that's coming up. ♪ ♪ first impressions are important. you've got to make every second count. banking designed for the way you live your life. so you can welcome your family home...
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for the first time. chase. so you can.
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worst. still, they rushed to begin th when rescue crews first got the call, they assumed the worst. still they rushed over to begin their search. and what happened next was a combination of the excellent training and incredible luck. mark kelly joins us live with how crews had to overcome the
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amazing odds in getting this boy out alive, mark? >> reporter: when they got the call here nasa base chan johnson fell down the cliff their hearts sank as they absolutely feared the worst. on this night mother nature was making the rescue effort to be even more challenging. >> reporter: it is beautiful, but unforgiving. it is here that they would collide with the coast and where the 4-year-old tumbled on monday, nearly falling to his death. >> and to see people make mistakes. >> reporter: he raced here for the other rescues before. but never one like this. so many hurdles in the way of saving that little boy. >> they have set in pretty rapidly as we are losing daylight and losing visibility. >> and all the while he went down the cliff on the rocky
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shoreline. rescuers did not know if he would be there at all. >> reporter: instead it was the best case scenario. they found the 4-year-old, his tiny body wedged between two rocks. >> it was nice to find him alive and he was still with us. >> reporter: mother nature in one way was very forgiving. on this foggy cold night, the tide was low, allowing rescuers to fiends base chan and get him to safety. who knows where he would have ended up, even if we were going to be able to find him. >> reporter: of course, the preparation is key for the firefighters here, unbelievable. just days before they went down that cliff to save saw base chan, they were trained on the specific type of the rescue.
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so of course the knowledge, the information was fresh in their minds. >> how much time fell? >> about an hour, but this is unbelievable as it was only six minutes for them to get back down cliff side and back up, very well trained here. >> absolutely amazing, thank you. a helicopter that would help in their rescue mission couldn't fly back to base because of heavy fog yesterday as they made that emergency landing on the uneven ground. because of the angle it's not safe for the chopper to take off as crews are figuring out what to do next. starting a two-day protest today. one of the reasons is what they
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call inadd quiet -- inadequate training. >> i was presented to take care of an ebola patient that i want to know that i have the ú training and equipment to safe -- the ú -- the adequate training and equipment. >> and they say that the hospital system is ready for ebola, drumming up fear. >> we would like for them to work with us to educate the public. >> of course, they don't want to look bad. >> reporter: the strike is happening even though they are not on the bargaining table yet. instead the focus is on
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scheduling the breaks and staffing levels. they want them to fill about 2,000 open nursing spots, that have opened up in the past couple of years where both sides would paint that opposition as greedy. >> well, we are very disappointed that they have asked them to step away. >> because of the money. it's been either canceled or postpone. other than that across the bay area and around the state, they remain open. in walnut creek, kpix 5. >> they are using nearly 3,000 temporary nurses, even flown in some to fill the gap. >> disaster teams are calming neighborhoods damaged by the quake. they are going door to door offering residents the opportunity to apply for government isis -- assistance, to help pay rent or disaster- related needs not covered by insurance. aaa jump started the holiday giving season in san francisco today. they pulled up the glide memorial church, with dozens of
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donated turkeys in tow. and that they say it is a great start, but that they would need more help as they need at least 1,500 turkeys to get through the holidays, along with hundreds of hams and at least 500 volunteers as they need to prepare and serve all that food. >> and that we want that whole truth in the bay area to push in and to say that i've been ready and that we would show you we are ready by stepping up, stepping in and helping the people who are really in need. >> reporter: the annual turkey dinner would start at 10:00 a.m. thanksgiving morning as they expect to feed about 5,000 people. time now to go outside and get a check on the weather as paul is saying we finally have rain in the forecast. >> and this is the wettest seven-day forecast that we've had. it is just so strange how hard it has been to get a wet forecast. >> i'm tired of dancing. >> you've been doing the rain dance. >> yes. >> he is a good dancer. >> done.
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>> since like '09. >> and to no avail, but maybe we're turning the corner. all right step one cooler air, stronger on-shore flow, we did that today. cloudy throughout the area. fremont at 68, oakland 67. nobody hits 70. san jose 65, san rafael and san francisco your high today 64. let's put this all in perspective because i know that it felt chilly outside with the highs in the 60s. these are your highs tomorrow. minneapolis will make it up to a balmy 27. topeka, kansas 33. billings, montana a high of 11. if you don't like it, do not go to denver tomorrow as the high is six degrees for the high in denver. we'll have a live report from denver where it is still snowing in a few minutes. maybe you'll go to the beach tomorrow. be careful. all coastal locations are under a beach hazard. rip current risk is very high. use extreme caution if you are going in the water over the next couple of days. we have a strong area of low
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pressure passing by to our north. what they did yesterday is crank up the on shore flow, staying strong tomorrow with the temperatures in the 60s. the next phase in our pattern change, storms coming through the north. it's not that wet of the storm because it will be coming in from the north as we need to get something coming up from the south. that will happen likely monday and tuesday, a much wetter storm, perhaps the next wettest storm since april coming up next week. for now cooler weather. it is not six in fremont. >> it is late sunday and tuesday. and that there is the potential for the widespread one to two- inch rainfall totals, which will be a big time help for us.
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that will be a heck of a dent. >> we saw rain for the next four days. >> yes. >> do it. >> keep dancing, ken. >> he's been telling me about these sneakaways, the next time we see you, you need to fill us in. still ahead more than skin deep as we hear from veterans using their tattoos to tell the stories of the war and honor. ,,,, for over 60,000 california foster children, the holidays can be an especially difficult time.
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survivors of a heroic world women who wore a uniform. on this veteran's day, parades and ceremonies will honor the men and women who wore the uniform. >> showing us that young veterans are taking off their shirts telling their own war stories through the art of tattoos. >> that's the battle. the second battle. we appreciate it.
6:24 pm
of the iraq war, the worse memories of his life. >> there are some things we dread. >> november 2004, 23 members of his unit were killed. >> the tattoo is a great way of showing it and i show it on my skin for the rest of my life. >> he is one of millions returning from war. they are now sharing their ingullible stories of the agony of combat, expressing their loss in an art project called norking. >> and they enjoy it coming down, it's nice, it's like going to heaven. >> and who realize that there might be a solution to the age- old problem of the combat veterans that are struggling to readjust it to society as they would hold it inside. >> and the isolation is common, even for heros. >> and these tattoos are the
6:25 pm
way of hearing their narratives. and really honoring them. >> reporter: and that they might begin to open up to the civilian public and to begin to heal. >> and in that flag and men that they would work with down towards the bottom. and that they would say that they represent the memory, you know, of all of this for me that you don't have to directly ask about the military experience. that you can say hey it's a military tattoo, what does that mean? >> i feel lonely all the time. it's a way for people to be like hey what is that about? >> the month of november was nightmarish. and that it was just terrible. >> and i would go in to a cave and that i would have it happen to me for a while. >> and they would celebrate november because last november is when their baby would arrive. >> my daughter was born on november 4. and that they went from an experience to a new life. >> lives were honored as we remember those lost at
6:26 pm
veteran's day. joe vazquez, kpix 5. >> and it is an online exhibit as you can find it on click on links and numbers. coming up in the next half hour, ice, snow, bitter cold. take a look at denver colorado. that's a live shot that's going on right now with an early blast of winter. we'll have a live report coming up. and also the pioneer as this veteran shares her story of being the air force flight instructor back in the 40s. plus, billions of dollars in sales for a made up shopping holiday as we are not talking about black friday. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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now at 6:30, ice, snow, bitter cold slamming the upper midwest, even turning deadly as it is not letting up. welcome back, i'm ken bastida. >> i'm veronica de la cruz. many people are digging out under a foot or more of snow and temperatures have plummeted. our coverage will begin with cbs reporter jamie yucas and the bitter conditions. >> reporter: ice coated the streets of lincoln, nebraska
6:30 pm
slowing traffic to a crawl. from colorado to wisconsin, an arctic blast that left piles of snow. shut down schools, causing dozens of accidents. nearby minneapolis a dash camera caught a tractor trailer slamming in to a squad car as temperatures will plummet. the winter storm will hit minnesota especially hard. it is only november, but the safe transportation website shows that 2/3 of the state's roads are either partially or totally covered with snow. >> our crews are out there, we are removing as much as we can off the highway. >> reporter: the nasty weather is causing problems at airports. more than 150 flights were delayed or canceled in minneapolis, st. paul on monday. but the officials are hoping to get most travelers back on track today. jamie yucas, cbs news, minneapolis. >> paul paul has been keeping tabs on all the snow and the cold. >> yeah, paul i know you were
6:31 pm
telling me that you wish you were there. you love that kind of weather. >> i miss it. >> that is where all the action is. we've been out in the bay area. the coldest temperature that we have hit so far is 37 degrees. the meteorologist from our sister station in denver, it is now 37 out there. what is going on there west of denver? >> it is six degrees outside, paul. >> no. >> they are thrilled about it. actually it is. thank you for keeping that in check, paul. it is 5.8 right now with the northwest winds, the coldest spot. it is very cold right now, paul. >> i'll tell you what it looks cold, but you are a trooper as i have seen you on youtube out there at 80 miles per hour winds. i've seen you in the wind now. we call this chilly with the
6:32 pm
upper 40s. what will happen in denver in the metro moving forward? how warm will they get, maybe nine? >> exactly, that's the crazy part. we might drop as cold as 5 to 10 degrees below zero, breaking a record. >> this is early for you, but you guys have gone from 70 to 20 in a short order. now you just had record lows. is it crazy for this time of the year to be doing it in november? >> i think the craziest part is that october was beautiful here. in the 60s and the 70s. but all of a sudden you get a snap like this. >> you can keep it all winter
6:33 pm
long. thank you very much reporting live from denver. 5.8 degrees. >> no, down to 5.6 and colder. >> we just moved that point, it is 56 degrees here. >> yeah, that is very important. keep moving it that way and not the other way. >> all right, thanks, paul. veteran's day honor the men and women who serve our country in the armed forces today and they are also the anniversary of the end of world war i. cbs reporter has a look at some of today's ceremonies and celebrations. tonight's president laid a wreath at the tomb of the unknowns of the cemetery. he made the special mention of the veterans who would join the military after 9/11. >> they were prepared to follow osama bin laden to the gates of hell and they did. >> they promised a turnaround. >> and we are reorganizing for success in this effort. and perhaps the largest
6:34 pm
restructuring in the history of the department. that they must regain and retain a laser-like focus on the veterans. >> reporter: across the potomac on the national mall, fans were getting ready for the concert for valor featuring that all- star line up. >> and that second we would see them. that is my favorite. >> reporter: while many here, the concept is about more than the stage performances. >> no, that it is not important. this is giving thanks for what we do. >> it is finally recognizing how important that it is. i appreciate that. they are just a few of the big names that are scheduled to play. the concert is free aimed at raising awareness of the youths that affect veterans. craig boswell, cbs news, washington. >> reporter: they played a big part in world war ii. tonight a veteran who flew the training missions are talking about her experiences in walnut creek.
6:35 pm
they share his story. >> the reception of the 95-year- old got today in walnut creek was a lot warmer than the one that most women pilots would get in world war ii. back but then betty had a way of dealing with the doubters. >> and to take it over the head. it scared the heck out of us. >> reporter: learning to fly at an early age, she joined the air force pilots. spending much of the time teaching young men how to fly. teaching them the evasion tactics. >> reporter: but despite their service, the wasps were never
6:36 pm
recognized until 1977 when betty joined a group to lobby washington for official veteran status. >> and the women who open up to date for the other women. and it defeats what the women are accomplishing today, i'm proud of them. >> reporter: and the nation can be proud of the women who prove that the sky is not the limit. [ applause ] >> reporter: in walnut creek, john ramos, kpix 5. >> betty has been invited to speak in 38 states and has had two books written about her life. still ahead raking in the dough from a made up shopping holiday. coming up in tonight's consumer watch, how they are taking advantage of today's date to draw on customers. ,,,,
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spending ahead of the holid on the consumerwatch, julie watts says chinese shoppers some major damage. in china, 11-11 is singles day.... or china's annual anti-valentines day... where singles buy presents for themselves. ans
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now become the world biggest online retail sales day. alibaba - chinas verion of amazon - raked in nine point three billion dollars in sales to shipping 278 million orders. nearly half of which were pd on mobile devices. compare that to u.s. shoppi numbers... last year black friday and cyber monday... pulled in a measly one poino billion dollars - combined. if you're looking to buy a fitbit last year they pulled in a $1.2 billion combined. if you are looking to buy it online, go directly to our website where the activity tractor are no longer being sold on the apple website. according to consumerists, they would disappear last week. insiders speculate that it is because that it is one of the lows that they will not share their data with their healthcare app. they remain on apple's store shelves for now.
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more than half of the 2.5 million made. and now the customers, they could exchange that toy for a new one and a free side item. remember that if you have a problem, give us a call. >> yes. you need to get in bet and maybe take some nyquil. >> i'll get right on that, thanks, guys. >> thanks, julie. still ahead bike verses ferrari on the racetrack. >> not just any bike. the record lows for today that it feels chilly outside, san jose and santa clara in the mid-60s as we have a lot of rainfall coming up. i'll have that for you coming up. i'm dennis o'donnell coming up the higher power for the 49ers that would show their
6:41 pm
season being over. >> that's the word that they were talking to me that they would finally say your time is now. >> while the other 49ers season is just the beginning. >> and they are ready to do their thing. >> a reunion tonight for the warriors and their head coach. >> it is going to be strange looking down the other sideline. >> and we will tip off the sports coming up in just a few minutes. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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tupperware parties? yahoo is doing some major spending a of the holiday shopping sea it's buying digital mark it up again today, doing some major spending ahead of the holiday shopping season. $640 million acquisition is an effort to boost flat lining revenues. they would help place ads in digital videos. the tubberware parties are so 1950s. tonight we introduce you to egg freezing parties. i'll have that story and much more for you tonight on bay area night beat at 10:00. join us on our sister station kbcw. we'll see you then. it's been ten years in the works and today is a day that scientists gave the go ahead to
6:45 pm
attempt a risky landing on a comet. and if successful, it would be the first time it has ever happened. europeans and their space agency controllers say that the unmanned landing craft is in position to freefall onto the comet's surface. the lander will separate from the mother craft, but it can't be steered. once that happens, if anything lines up, that it will take seven hours for the landing craft to fall onto the comet. once there it will conduct research on the origins of comets, stars, and planets. >> well, back here on earth a world record that has been broken on a bicycle. but this is no ordinary bike. it is a rocket by power by hydrogen peroxide with an amazing 270 miles an hour. the bike has three flexors. the company called exotic thermal engineering made this bike, and they have also made a
6:46 pm
rocket-powered go kart, a car. >> and it will get you to school on time. >> yeah. >> try going in between lanes though. >> yes, on the bay bridge. >> lane splitting. it's not recommended. going 70 miles an hour. >> good. >> all right, you now what. >> what? >> it's the rain. it is always away from the grass of the bay area. not anymore. wait until you see the seven- day forecast. first we'll talk about cooler weather moving in. and on the landing pattern. 62. and five straight days in the 80s, including yesterday's 80- degree day. 69 for the high today. and still above normal, but it felt cool because we were 11 degrees below. redwood city at 47. vallejo is 51, napa at 45. san jose is 45 degrees.
6:47 pm
that's the big story, the cloud cover and fog and once again tomorrow courtesy of the stronger on shore flow as we are wedged right in between a strong ridge to our south and the building, the strengthening area of the low pressure off to the west, which will keep us cloudy. keeping us breezy. that is done. now there are three. and halfway through here. they have given us the rainfall, but not too much because of the north, which will be cooler up there, we need a direction change, enter phase three. the top of next week, the storm is coming, coming up from the south, tapping in to the juicier air with more rainfall for us. receiving one or two inches of rain in the bay area just next week. that'll be a huge change from the lack of rainfall that we have had recently and a welcoming change to that. future cast with the first
6:48 pm
weather system with scattered showers. most of the rain will be falling while you're sleeping, but on thursday morning, scattered showers will continue. more rain coming up for the top of next week. drizzle at the coast tomorrow. staying below average tomorrow with mainly cloudy skies, rain moving in as early as tomorrow night. 67 degrees, really close to average, the normal is 69, feeling chilly again. pleasanton at 68. walnut creek 68. a foggy start in san francisco again, your high of 66. and st. helena 68 degrees. rain on thursday morning and friday and saturday we'll dry out. a little warmer in the inland. looking soggy, rain is likely
6:49 pm
from the heavier rainfall coming up for the top of next week. that will be your wet seven-day forecast. we'll talk about sports. we'll have that for you next. - "dear scan, "i've been a scan member for almost two years and have been very satisfied with the plan." - "i would like to thank you and your organization
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bay... san jose police are investigating a fatal colli between a car and a pedestr
6:52 pm
chopper five above the scen chopper 5 is bringing us live pictures, investigating the fatal collision between a car and a pedestrian. as they would be above the scene right now, happening at barberie lane and south king road. the woman was pronounced dead at the scene. the driver has been arrested. police are still working on the details of exactly what happened here, but as you can see, traffic has been impacted in this area. we'll bring you details as we get them. >> all right, we need to switch gears now. let's talk football. >> i saw this coming because he was not responding, his toe was not responding to this. he's made the pro bowl in each of his season. that streak will end this year, ending the season as he was hoping to play through the injury, but he has missed the
6:53 pm
last three games after reinjuring that toe. now rather than playing with an injury severely limiting his mobility. >> there is no doubt that i would love to play this game for another year. but it was telling me otherwise. i thought that maybe i would be all right, that things could get better. >> reporter: and so with him out, the rookie will continue to start at linebacker. but this guy, he's not patrick willis after totaling only 15 tackles in the first seven games with the team high of 37 tackles the last two games. >> we never expect anybody to have two games. and that you could have those tackles, you know, ten plus periods for any player is very
6:54 pm
good. being around them, seeing them in camp every day in practice and the way they would carry themselves is not surprising. he is getting delighted, you know, that he has worked for it throughout the camp and this year and throughout his life. >> while one season is over, the other is just beginning. aldon smith has served his nine- game suspension. he'll be back on the practice field tomorrow, ready to go after eli manning on sunday. >> i'm excited to be back around my teammates, around the team. you know, i'm just happy to be back here. >> the pressure to kind of clamp up and move. >> i think that being gone nine weeks, there is some pressure that comes with it. i'm ready, i'm ready to do my thing. >> yeah, i'm sure eli is happy too. in college football oregon moved up to second in the latest playoff rankings. they are joined in the top four by mississippi state, florida state, and tcu.
6:55 pm
the nationals manager matt williams was named the national league manager of the year. now the giants. >> what? >> hold on. >> voting was done before the post season. that's the way it has always been. >> before getting owned? >> yeah, pretty much. >> he finished in third place, name the american league manager of the years. >> reporter: and the warriors will need to host the defending champion spurs tonight. it'll be the student going up against the teacher and their former coach gregg popovich. >> what i told pop for what he did for me and my career that i cannot even begin to thank him as he is one of the most amazing human beingses, an incredible leader, a great coach, hilarious guy. he's one of my all-time favorites. it'll be strange looking down the other side.
6:56 pm
they would commit ten all by themselves on phoenix sunday night. but when you are 5-1, you can laugh about it. >> and for all of it? >> yeah. >> not on the court. but i would expect that it would. >> before dinner. >> exactly. >> all right. for the latest, the news is always on have a good night. ,,,,,,,, ♪ ♪
6:57 pm
,,,,,,,, thank you!
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thank you! dedicated bankers born to go the extra mile. you've been such a big help. it's what i like to do. so you can choose a bank where helping people comes first.
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joey fatone: it's time to play "family feud"! give it up for steve harvey! [applause and cheering] steve: come on, shearer family. come on, make it happen. how you doing, folks? welcome to the show, come on. thank you very much. i appreciate you, now. thank y'all very much. yeah. well, welcome to "family feud," everybody, i'm your man, steve harvey. as always, we got another good one for you today. returning for their second day, from atlanta, georgia, it's the shearer family. [applause and cheering] and again, from atlanta, georgia, it's the wilkerson family. [applause and cheering] everybody's here trying to win theyself a lot of cash and the possibility of driving out of here in a brand new, stylish ford fusion hybrid. [applause and cheering] let's play "feud." give me kobie.
7:00 pm
give me massa. [captioning made possible by fremantle media] folks, we've got the top 8 answers on the board. name something that can make a kiss one that you'll never forget. kobie. >> tongue. steve: tongue. that does it. [bell] [applause and cheering] pass or play? >> play, we want to play! >> we're going to play, steve. steve: they're going to play. hey, little ash. >> hi. steve: is it ashlye? >> ashlye. steve: okay, good. all right, ashlye, let's go. name something that can make a kiss one that you'll never forget. >> the hug, the embrace. steve: the hug, okay. it's the embrace if you're writing children's books. [laughter] hug! [bell] [applause and cheering] steve: nilaja. >> yes. steve: hi, okay.


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